Potty training toilet seat, potty training toilet with step, height-adjustable, stable and non-slip, foldable toilet trainer with armrests and PU padding, for children aged 1-10 years

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【Interesting and Useful Trainer】The toilet trainer is a good help to develop your baby's independence. If the children are attracted by the interesting application of this trainer, you can teach them to use the toilet properly independently, in freedom and safety. This will be a big step in your child's growth.
【Stable and Reliable Structure】As a trainer and helper for children, our toilet seat has 2 ergonomic armrests and wide footboards, which give children a sense of security and encourage them to climb up bravely. There are also non-slip strips under the step to significantly increase the stability of the ladder.
【Comfortable and Intimate Design】The children's toilet seat is made of high-quality PP, which is durable and resistant to moisture and mold. The pad is soft and supple and provides children with a comfortable toilet experience. In addition, the spine protection design takes very good care of your baby's development.
【Widely Applicable】The height of the potty trainer is adjustable in 5 levels, so you can adjust it depending on the size of your baby and the size of your toilet. The product can support the weight of up to 75 kg and is suitable for children aged 1 to 10 years. No matter which V/U or O shape toilet you have in the house, the toilet trainer is your best choice. square
【Easy Installation and Convenient Storage】The included mounting accessories and instructions help you assemble the toilet seat quickly and easily. If not necessary, the seat can be folded up and placed to the side to save space. You can also hang it behind the door or on the wall.

Customer Reviews

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It looks good

It looks good. It is still a little wobbly when kids sit on it. It is better than nothing. After using it for a week. the surface is a little fluffy.

The product itself is pretty good

The product itself is pretty good. but it is really just something that can be done with a small stool. And if the child gets up at night. using this will make the adults get up. so using a small spittoon is more suitable than this one.

Nina Peg
The quality is very good use immediately

The quality is very good. the appearance is very good. it is easy to install and use immediately. and there is no smell at all. As long as the design is very user friendly. there are buckles between the cushion and the main body. so you can snap it on and sit on it without shifting. and the cushion is moderately soft and hard.

Wendy Jennings
The kids like it very much

The kids like it very much. The color is very beautiful and fits the toilet very well. The plastic quality is very good and the workmanship is strong. I am very satisfied.

Vivien Bartlett
The quality is very good very convenient and easy to clean

The quality is very good. The mat is soft and does not stand between legs. It is very convenient and easy to clean. It is very stable on the toilet and the baby is willing to use it.