Tuword Telescope Pro 400/70 FMC with Adjustable Tripod Finder Compass Portable Refractor Travel Telescopes Perfect Scope for Adults & Kids(Phone Adapter Astronomy Beginners Gifts) Carry Bag

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PREMIUM OPTICS: 400mm (f/5.7) focal length and 70mm aperture, fully coated optical glass lens with high transmittance coating to create stunning images and protect your eyes. The perfect telescope for astronomers exploring the stars and moon.
LARGE 70mm Aperture: The refractor telescope comes with a large 70mm objective lens that is fully coated with a high transmission coating. High transmission optics increase light transmission and reduce light reflection. The larger the aperture, the larger the field of view and the clearer the image. The professional astronomical telescope can help adults and beginners in astronomy observe planets and stars more easily.
METAL BODY & MICRO ADJUSTMENT LEVER: Bring more fun and design to your trip, made of premium materials to ensure stable and durable use. The fine adjustment lever allows for more precise adjustment of the viewing position.(The level helps to stabilize the tripod in a horizontal position) This set of binoculars includes a smartphone adapter. Simply attach your cell phone to the phone adapter to easily explore the nature of the world and take stunning images of celestial objects through the screen
Star Finder & 45¡ã Orthogonal Prism & FMC HD Coating: full surface coating, multi-layer broadband coating reduces incident light loss, high light transmission, clear and bright imaging, clear and bright reproduction, and true color reproduction. The star finder quickly locates the object to be observed and brings it to the center of the field of view, and the orthographic prism allows you to see the ortho-rectified true color real image in a comfortable way.
ALUMINUM TRIPOD AND SHOULDER TRAVEL BAG: The adjustable aluminum tripod and carrying bag provide a stable platform for your telescope to achieve a variety of different viewing positions, a quick and easy setup without tools, and a stable attachment base to ensure stable and clear images. The telescope and tripod easily fit and protect your telescope in your travel bag, making it easier to travel and store with you. This telescope makes a great astronomy gift for them.

Customer Reviews

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Weve been testing it out for a few days

Weve been testing it out for a few days and so far were very happy with it. Shipping was fast and the product was very complete. I think this is great for beginners who want to get into the world of astronomy.This is a good product, it was not difficult to assemble and works fine Recommended without a doubt

Easy to assemble and has lots of useful stuff built in

Very easy to assemble, adapters dont work,Easy to assemble and has lots of useful stuff built in, like a smartphone holder and a star plant calendar.Good product but high price buildings clearly visible,Moonlight filter is bad

Suitable for bird watching and moon viewing

Suitable for bird watching and moon viewing. I was able to see the Galilean moons of Jupiter and, with some difficulty, the rings of Saturn.Didnt find the cell phone adapter very useful.

We also had trouble using the phone adapter to take photos

However, we havent figured out how to use the 6mm lens yet. We also had trouble using the phone adapter to take photos.Very good telescope. The seller quickly answered my related questions.

calibrated and observing the moon in 15 minutes

It was assembled, calibrated and observing the moon in 15 minutes,Everything arrived correctly. Easy to assemble. Excellent customer service. Improved stability based on suggestions from customer support. Still in the learning phase