Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats 2 Pcs(17.1"x 29.9"£¬17.1"x 47.2") Thick PVC Waterproof Non-Slip Ergonomic Comfort Foam Rug Cushioned Floor Comfort Mats for Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Sink or Office

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Anti-Fatigue" long anti-fatigue kitchen mat provides comfortable support, helps improve blood circulation and posture, and ensures that you can stand comfortably while working in the kitchen or any workstation. Reduce fatigue and bake better in the kitchen!

Super soft and good resilience£ºcushioning mats are made of 10 mm thick high-quality non-slip foam latex rubber, which is non-toxic and increases safety and stability. High-strength materials will not collapse or compress over time. Spread them on marble, wood, laminate or any type of floor, and they will never slide or bend.

Multi-functionality and durability£ºcomfortable floor anti-fatigue mats are very suitable for kitchens, offices, podiums, laundry rooms, corridors, lobbies, children's rooms, living rooms, bathrooms and areas with high traffic. Suitable for all lifestyles Choose the right style for your home or change seasonal styles throughout the year.

Slip-proof and waterproof£ºnon-slip washable kitchen mats and carpets are designed with non-slip backing to help prevent you from slipping. The non-slip thick PVC bottom is made to prevent it from moving around like other mats, while the slight texture on the top makes it non-slip. (Note: It is necessary to keep both sides of the floor mat dry)

Easy to clean£ºkitchen floor mats and kitchen carpets are waterproof, stain-proof, durable, oil-proof and easy to maintain. Just wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge and dust.

Customer Reviews

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The mats are surprisingly good, thick, soft and hard

The mats are surprisingly good, thick, soft and hard, very comfortable, especially good on the edge of the stove, and the floor tiles fit perfectly, will not trip.

There is no odor, unlike other mats

There is no odor, unlike other mats have a pungent smell once opened. It is perfect. Very comfortable mats, not slippery, and then step on very comfortable, the height is also appropriate.

Feet feel soft and hard is very comfortable

Feet feel soft and hard is very comfortable. The edges fit perfectly with the ground without tripping. Because there is really no odor, which I am very, very satisfied.

the color is very beautiful Oh, so like

These two days are using, the color is very beautiful Oh, so like the feeling of stepping on it with bare feet, very comfortable.

Arrived super fast, step on very comfortable

Arrived super fast, step on very comfortable, specifically bought to do bread to do the cake to reduce back and leg pain with.