Cowiewie Toddler Kitchen Step Stool 2 Step Wooden Learning Stool Tower Adjustable Height for Kitchen Counter, Bathroom Sink

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Children stand on the learning step stool and can learn without obstacles through observing adults, washing dishes or performing simple tasks in the kitchen. This can enhance self-esteem, cultivate independence and self-confidence, and improve sports coordination.

Montessori Step Tower: Born in the research of expert educators, allowing children to contact family activities without isolating him. From the kitchen to the bathroom, every experience will become easy to gain by increasing his learning. The kitchen learning tower allows children to participate in these daily activities that were previously not possible due to their height.

Safety first: This kitchen step tool for kids is made of high-quality non-toxic solid wood. This material is very durable and provides the necessary stability and safety. Its unique design also has no edges, and every part is polished by hand. Our main focus is on safety, reliability and quality of the toddler tower.

Suitable for young toddlers 12 months +: Due to the detachable platform, The toddler kitchen helper stool will adapt to the height of the child over time, allowing it to be used in different growth stages. Simply drag the platform into the rail to change the height. Beautiful without sacrificing safety; no paint or solvent treatment is required. This choice makes the toddler learning tower safe and natural; it is safe for our children and functional for the family.

Practical: The size of the toddler tower stool is designed to be just right, it can occupy a proper space in the house, and it is easy to store. It can be used in all environments without causing confusion, and can be stored in the corner when not in use. The childrens step stool is also easy to assemble: you will receive it in a recyclable cardboard box with instructions and everything needed for assembly. It can also be assembled by an adult, which takes about 10 minutes.

Customer Reviews

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Christ Wells
handling leaves something to be desired

I can not say anything about durability yet as it will be a Christmas present. Points were deducted for workmanship and there are many shortcomings. Side panel defects

Sebastiane Arnold
I am very happy with the purchase.

Quality material, beautiful, my daughter always uses it for eating, playing and browsing, I am very happy with the purchase.

Willie Wilmot(t)
Delivery was much quicker than initially announced.

Now to the learning tower. Very well made and the color eggshell suits us perfectly. Included in the scope of supply is a high quality screwdriver without any plastic except for a mini bag for the screws.

Gustave Juliana
Itis beautiful and my 15 month old appreciates it.

Itis beautiful and my 15 month old appreciates it. Very sturdy. I would add an extra screw as a backup.

Setlla Young
I do not think the price is worth the product.

The tower is useful, but in reality, a simple stool can be used for the same function and also because leaving a child alone is risky, I do not recommend it. In my opinion the child is not safe, just like he was standing on the chair