Slevoo Air Purifiers for Bedroom Pets Smokers in Home, 215 ft2 H13 True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner, Black

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Efficient and 20dB Operating Quietly?The air purifier for room desk featuring 360 air intake and powerful brushless motor, which can clean up to 86 ft in 25 minutes, 215 ft in an hour and adopts advanced and noise reduction fan blade design. lowest fan speed (20dB) to create a sleep-friendly space that's as quiet as falling leave.

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Perfect for air purification in you

Perfect for air purification in your neighborhood. Very quiet, ranging from no sound at all on the lowest setting to a slight fan sound on the highest setting. Aromatherapy is a bit of a joke, though. Hepa is designed to remove fine particles such as fine particles and diffuse oil. In fact, adding pure essential oils to this stuff gave me PM2.5 spikes of 600 seconds from 20 feet away. No, not surprised, haha.

We smoke in the bedroom and it is i

We smoke in the bedroom and it is important to have a decent HEPA filter in the room. This little one is packed with features and works with almost just a single command to . My only concern is the longevity of the filter itself due to its small size.

Considering the lower price this a

Considering the lower price, this air purifier is not bad. I bought this because recently I started smelling my cats litter box in the house, so I bought it to put in the room where her litter box is. It seemed to lower the dust levels, but I could still smell a bit of garbage, so it didnt get rid of all the smell. But the smell is definitely not as strong as before.

My partner and I received this as a

My partner and I received this as a Christmashousewarming gift. We love the simple style, its ease of use, and the long life of the filter. You should probably change the filter more often than we do though, haha. The is quiet on light and medium settings, but you can definitely hear the fan turning on the high setting. But its not destructive at all. 2 years later we have no issues

The carpet in my house needs to be

The carpet in my house needs to be replaced but I dont have the money to do it. I have two cats and between the dust and dander and all kinds of stuff, I have a bad cough. I also have a HEPA filter in my central air. Put this thing in your bedroom and notice a big difference within a few hours Even my cats noticed the difference and I found they were spending more time hanging out in that room than ever before. Definitely recommended