Pet Door for Wall, Aluminum Alloy Frame, Telescoping Tunnel Dog Door for Wall, Steel Frame, Pets Up to 100 Lb, Large

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¡¾Freedom for Your Pet &Telescoping Tunnel¡¿ Without your help, let your dog go outside for potty breaks and playtime by themselves.The widened channel and two-way access design make it easier and more convenient for your pets to go in and out

¡¾Easy Install¡¿This dog door can be installed on any type of door, including metal doors, wooden doors, PVC doors. Great for indoor or outdoor doors/walls with a thickness of 1.18-7.28 in. Simple to follow instructions walk you through the install.

¡¾Durable & Safe¡¿This Pet Door frame is made of metal laser welding process and high-quality steel aluminum alloy oxidation to ensure durability,security and thermal insulation.

¡¾3 Size Options¡¿Small Size - Flap Opening: 6.3"W x 9.6"H. Frame: 9.45"W x 12.79"H. For pets up to 12 lbs.

¡¾Energy Saving & Anti Ultraviolet¡¿Upgraded silicone door cap against extreme weather available(Weatherproofing and Improve energy efficiency), keeps soft in cold weather and can be used in all seasons. This pet door also has a good anti-ultraviolet effect, naturally odorless, pet friendly.

¡¾Slide in Panel¡¿Slide in closing panel locks for security when your pet is not using the dog tunnel and adds extra insulation

Customer Reviews

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My husband has no issues with his s

My husband has no issues with his setup. Our puppy loves it So glad we chose to use this company If we need to buy a new one we will use them again

If you have an XL dog this door is

If you have an XL dog, this door is perfect for you My dogs weigh 100, 90 and 60 lbs and this door is too big for them Very nice and includes everything needed for installation.

My dog loves this door He quickly l

My dog loves this door He quickly learned how to use it and Im sure he liked it because he didnt have to wait to get in. My dog is a medium sized dog and fits perfectly

Easy to install and easy to use Do

Easy to install and easy to use. Do yourself a favor and dont follow a template. It will take longer but measure it yourself, it seems the design has been d but the paper has not. Plus, the magnetic buckle is sensitive and makes a distinct sound, letting you know when your friend is moving.

We had one in another house that wo

We had one in another house that worked fine then and the product works fine now. Even if the wind blows, it closes tightly and remains quite safe. Will buy again.