Cowiewie Kids Art Table and Chair Set 3 Pcs, Wooden Craft Drawing Table w/ Storage Drawer for 3+ Years Old Children, Brown

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Multi-purpose and multi-functional: Children's table and chair set is an activity center, a multi-purpose table can read, paint, write, draw and play games. The all-in-one tabletop provides two different functions. You can draw, study and eat at the table, etc., you can also put on the block pad to stack blocks with storage of various toys books children's supplies. With this versatile set, kids can easily switch between different activities and never get bored.

GREAT STORAGE: The Cowiewie toddler table and chairs feature built-in storage at the tabletop, and two drawers provide multiple locations for children to keep their toys, books and blocks neatly organized. The side organizer pockets can store a variety of picture books and toys. This design promotes children's independence, allowing them to learn to manage their belongings and develop good habits of keeping their play area neat and tidy. It stops your child's things from being cluttered and messy.

Easy to clean and maintain: Thanks to its smooth frosted surface and easy-to-clean materials, this activity table set is easy to maintain. Whether your child spills paint or drops crumbs on the table, it can be cleaned easily. Easy mobility makes it perfect for use in any room of the house. The table's corner edges are all curved and designed for children to care for them without injury.

Encourages independent play and learning: By providing a space for kids to store and stow toys with each school supply, the Cowiewie Toddler Table helps encourage independent play and learning. Children can play on their own or with friends to foster creativity and cooperation. The ergonomic design of the chairs is designed for children to develop good sitting habits, which allows children to better focus and concentrate during play and learning.

DURABLE AND STRONG CONSTRUCTION: This activity table set is made of high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of active children. The table and chairs have a sturdy construction that can support the weight of children and the toys they play with. This set is durable and will last for years.

Customer Reviews

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quality is also good

Buy a large table to write homework drawing are good quality is also good is to install a little effort.

Not bad, looks quite large

Not bad, originally afraid of small, looks quite large, but also satisfied with the ability to write, draw, eat.

The chairs are of good quality

Have been worried about the odor, the worry is superfluous. The chairs are of good quality and the table is large and practical.

The quality is really good

The quality is really good, easy to install, logistics is not to say that it is convenient for children to write homework, do crafts, children also like very much, individuals also feel very convenient.

Very good, very new odorless

Very good, very new odorless, tables and chairs are very thick, good quality, children can sit and draw, play with toys, eating are very good.