Cowiewie Baby Bassinet Bedside Portable Bassinet W/ Wheels Storage Travel Bag, for 0-6 Months, Gray

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Quiet co-sleeping time - This baby bassinet comes with 3 convertible modes, it can be used as a stand-alone baby bassinet, a crib-side sleeper attached to an adult bed with a side zipper to pull down for breastfeeding and suitable for moms who had a cesarean section because moms can take care of your baby even at midnight without strenuous movement. Get a good night's sleep with a baby bassinet. It keeps your baby comfortable and close for feeding, soothing and bonding.

IDEAL FOR NIGHT FEEDINGS - The crib side bassinet has a zippered design on the side that can be easily opened to help moms take better care of their babies. At the same time, the mesh structure provides plenty of breathability and visibility for baby and keeps an eye on baby's status. Keep your baby as close to you as possible while sleeping in their own comfortable room Especially for any mom who is breastfeeding or had a c-section, it is truly a sleep saver and quality of life enhancer.

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prevent her from touching her younger brother

I have a two,year,old child. In order to prevent her from touching her younger brother, this cradle blocked her very well. However, because it has a double,sided net, she can still observe her younger brothers activities in the cradle. Once She wanted to crawl in and sleep with her brother, but I was frightened and quickly hugged her down.

When the child is next to me

When I use it next to the sofa, I will adjust the height to the third level, which is just right. In this way, I can do my own things on the sofa. When the child is next to me, I can pay attention to her immediately, especially When she wakes up and needs to eat.

It has a total of 7 levels of adjustment

This product allows children to sleep well in it. It has a total of 7 levels of adjustment. 1 is the lowest and 6 is the highest. Therefore, it can be well adapted to the bed at home. In addition, it can also be high and low. It can prevent babies from spitting up milk after feeding.

the cradle is not flush with the bed

It is indeed lower, but it can still be used. The current situation is that the cradle is not flush with the bed, but because it is made of mesh, I can still clearly see the babys condition. In addition, there is a side pocket for storing bottles, which is very good.

The mattress is not a standard mattress

The mattress is not a standard mattress and I didnt find a sheet that fits this mattress. I love this bassinet but I wish the store would provide us with the right size sheet. The one I use a lot is the one with the drop down side and the move. I Keep your children with you during everything you do.