7 office drawer dresser white

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7 office drawer dresser white

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Indiana Brian
This was really a great purchase. There was no broken parts in shipping thank goodness.

The cabinet is packaged very well, which is nice to see. The corners have plastic corner protectors with foam and the short edges have hard edge protectors. As a result, nothing was damaged, scratches, bent or chipped.

ashley jones
Someone who is really focused could probably do it in an hour.

It is 100% Completely Fine. This is a solid low-priced cabinet. It would not blow your socks off but it is a good product. It took me just over 3 hrs to put it together.

Very well engineered.If you assembled it perfectly its a good product

Everything was very well packaged and labeled. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. It looks and functions great, so I will definitely buy another one.

Kristen Clark
Great cabinet .Easy to assemble. Pleased with every aspect of this product.

From the packaging, I knew this stuff was different. The packaging was so secure that nothing changed during shipping. No tape was unraveled, no parts were removed. No damage was found to any of the parts, although I inspected it carefully hoping to find something somewhere.

Pamela K.Smith
Good product took a few hrs to assemble but instructions were simple.

Product as expected . Easy to put together but in hindsight, should have used a power screwdriver instead of hand turning all screws. Happy with the results.