Makeup Vanity with Lighted Mirror Glass Top Power Strip 3 Color Lighting Modes 45'' L White

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    • [PROFESSIONAL QUALITY LIGHTING] The built-in LED light with 3 color temperature modes and adjustable brightness enhances your makeup routine. Enjoy precise and adjustable lighting for the perfect look.
    • [SLEEK GLASS TABLE TOP] Enhance your dressing area with the stunning glass table top of this dresser. Add a touch of sophistication and style to your space while providing a sleek and easy-to-clean surface.
    • [PLENTY OF STORAGE SPACE] Stay organized with our dresser, which includes open shelving, small drawers, large partitioned drawers and cabinets. Conveniently and efficiently store all your beauty essentials.
    • [CONVENIENT CHARGING STATION] Simplify your beauty routine with 2 standard plug outlets and 2 USB ports. Easily charge your hair dryer, curling iron, beauty device and cell phone and keep them within reach while you get ready.
    • [LUXURIOUS & PRACTICAL DESIGN] The 45-inch vanity table offers the perfect blend of style and functionality, making it an ideal addition to your bedroom or dressing room. A comfortable upholstered stool ensures a luxurious and cozy makeup experience.

Customer Reviews

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Before purchasing. I was a little worried about whether the Vanity would be practical.

but after using it. it really exceeded my imagination. The mirror light strip makes applying makeup easy. and I was pleasantly surprised by the storage capabilities of the stools and drawers. It is really a very practical household item.

I am very satisfied with this dresser. the quality is very good and the design is very user-frien...

The surface of the Vanity is very smooth. not prone to dust. and is very easy to clean. . the height is perfect for me and makes me feel very comfortable while applying my makeup. Most importantly. its price is very affordable. making it a cost-effective product.

The dresser looks beautiful and is of excellent quality.

The mirror light strip has moderate brightness and is not dazzling. the stool feels comfortable to sit on. and the drawers slide and pull smoothly. It is really a good combination of quality and beauty.

When I purchased this dresser. I didn not expect it to be this great.

But after using it. I am really satisfied. The effect of the mirror light strip exceeds expectations. and the design of the stools and drawers is very user-friendly. It is really a good home item that exceeds expectations.

This Vanity is truly a must-have for sophisticated living.

From design to functionality. quality and care are reflected in every aspect. Mirror light strips make makeup more detailed. while stools and drawers make storage easy.