Lift Coffee Table,Rustic Brown

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Lift Coffee Table

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We have a medium sized living room and it fits per

We have a medium sized living room and it fits perfectly. If you need something smaller than a full size coffee table, I highly recommend it.Ill say yes first. This cute little table is compact and elegant, with lots of storage space for magazines etc., which helps keep clutter on the table out of your reach. I bought it in earthy brown.I do not usually write s and to be honest this is the first time I have. I have had this coffee table for a year and it is my favorite thing. It is very sturdy.I thought the screws, nails, glue, hinges, drawers and most of the wood were of very high quality. The weakest parts are the bottom of the drawers and the bottom of the main compartment.

I do not like those tight spots where you have to

I do not like those tight spots where you have to get the hinge screws in and it is impossible to straighten them,but that is fine. a little smaller than I expected but it still fits in my room. Easy to assemble and the raised top is very useful. I think the is a bit high, but it is still a nice piece.Bought this gray unit to use as a coffee table in our family room. We had recently run out of money to buy a house, so like everyone else I was trying to find something that looked nice but was not too expensive.I love this table, but putting it together was not easy because of the missing steps. I sent an email asking for help. There is no answer. It took me a few tries to figure it out.

Instructions are easy to follow. One person is req

Instructions are easy to follow. One person is required to assemble it until the top needs to be attached to the elevator hardware. One set of holes does not have the pre drilled outer metal legs, but still works fine.It was easy to assemble and looks great in my living room. Love this color. Very happy with the and purchase. Sturdy and easy to assemble.The table is not small. It was well packaged with no scratches or damage. The table top is nice and you can change the direction it opens as you build the table.This table is beautiful, well made, and sturdy. It took me a few hours to figure it out, but I did take a break. The instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Easy to assemble, bringing excitement and flexibil

Easy to assemble, bringing excitement and flexibility to apartment living. They are easy to carry but do not always need to be placed in a normal place. I highly recommend this table.It fits my small apartment perfectly, I was hesitant to buy it because Im a reader and a lot of s said it had cracks and chips, but I got mine and it was perfect, no scratches, easy to assemble. I suggest the living room be smaller.I absolutely love this table but it definitely deserves some help as it is a little tricky to assemble the tabletop yourself but it is definitely doable haha because I did it. It is the perfect size and I love that I can hide my stuff. This is definitely my favorite.

Every step was easy except for the climb to the to

Every step was easy except for the climb to the top. With the help of a stack of books, I was able to handle the awkward angles of the tip installation.It rises nicely, but not as high as I would like to work on the computer. This is a good height to put things at. It is a little hard to mention, but other than that it is nice and the dark wood color is beautiful.Considering this is not a simple watch, I was pleasantly surprised when I finished assembling it. Still, Im pretty happy with the final product. This is good.Although it is a little shorter than expected, it looks perfect in the area and makes my apartment look larger since my windows are so low.