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Lift Coffee Table

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Pull out the assembly in less than the space under

Pull out the assembly in less than the space under the countertop. There did not seem to be enough room for a blanket. But I still like its functionality.This coffee table looks great for the, but my teenage son is putting it together and says it is the hardest of anything we have ever bought.High quality products. All the parts are there, everything matches, and the instructions are simple. It took a long time to piece together. But after that it was perfectI thought it would be after measuring my old watch to compare, it is a very good product for the money and I like it.

The slides and hinges all work as expected, the as

The slides and hinges all work as expected, the assembly holes line up well,the wood grain on the tabletop matches and lines up perfectly.It was a little smaller than expected because we added new furniture and we did not have as much space as we thought. The small tabletop is a little distorted, but I got points because I did not want a whole new table. It is sturdy and easy to assemble. I love these baskets.The lift top table is perfect for working with your laptop or snacking. There is plenty of storage space between the drawers and the space under the tabletop.The only problem is that two nails did go in the hole and were not tightened because the hole was too big. But it is no big deal.

An electric screwdriver makes things easier, the o

An electric screwdriver makes things easier, the only thing I do not like are the sharp corners. They need to be rounded. I might cut them off.This is a very sturdy and stylish table. But you need a machine to fix the nuts. Products that are simply secured with nuts and screws are difficult to assemble.This turns out to be impossible unless you are willing to drill new holes in the drawer arm, which I was unwilling to do so I set it up with the drawer facing me, with the large opening at the topIt took me about an hour to install myself, but would definitely recommend it to people, especially when putting the top on their legs as it is quite heavy for one person.

It gets the job done and looks good, but do not mo

It gets the job done and looks good, but do not move it or look too close.It took my husband about 3 hours to assemble and the sliding mechanism needs to be tightened every few months after regular use. We had to put clear rubber sheets on the corners of the table because they were so sharp we kept banging our knees.This table is amazing. I love all the storage and the color, this is the only time I have seen a coffee table like this, I had to have it, it is so worth it.No scratches at all. Assembling the table myself was easy enough until the last two steps were completed, which would require another person. All in all, this watch is beautiful and of good quality, especially for the.

Slow placement does not affect functionality. Ever

Slow placement does not affect functionality. Everything fits perfectly. There are only hard plastic pads on the table legs, hardwood with carpet pads like mine is recommended.Looks super cute in my office. It is really easy to assemble and the quality is great. Although small, it is very cute and sturdy. Good value for money.We were impressed with its quality and ease of assembly. Assembly took a while but the instructions were easy to follow and all the parts were there and well packaged.I love this table. It did not take long to put together. Some assembly may be a little difficult for one person, but it is sturdy and beautiful.