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My dog is overdue for a brushing and I

My dog is overdue for a brushing and I dont have to empty the bucket in the middle. I havent tried the trimmer yet but I like that it can be disassembled with its own power source. My only concern so far is the bristles on the brush. They are a little pointy even with the little cap. My dog is pretty sensitive overall and she has senior dog tumors to work out. The unit itself is lightweight and the handle is easy to carry. The attachments open and close effortlessly, and the vacuum display is easy to operate as well. The hose is long, and the cord wraps neatly around the base of the vacuum. The cord could be a little longer, but then again, its not meant to vacuum floors, so I understand why its shorter. The scissors arent very strong either. The guards are also cheaply made and bend at the slightest touch. Pros Good design, easy to use, good attachments, good value for money Cons Poor performance of the scissors, cheap guards, blades look like plastic, possibly ceramic, cant be replaced or sharpened. Overall After one grooming session,

I was worried that the vacuum noise woul

I was worried that the vacuum noise would be an issue but that was unfounded. The vacuum is a canister which keeps the noise a from the actual work being done so it doesnt bother them. They were a little wary of the suction noise near their ears but other than that they didnt behave in any out of character. Not everyone has animals with thick hair so this may not be a problem for everyone but the vacuum bin had to be dumped multiple times. It would have been better if the bin was a bit bigger but given that I didnt have to sweep it up and dust it off I was able to dump the bin without any issues. I was surprised that we were able to trim the dogs without any hair getting on anything. Works great. One thing I did notice that I wasnt too fond of was that this made the tips of his fur have a rough almost brittle feel. Its not the soft fur Im used to, and I cut it off and had no idea how to get it back since it doesnt just wash it either. The convenience of not having to clean up a mess afterwards is almost worth dealing with everything else

I then used the scissors to cut his fur

I then used the scissors to cut his fur and that worked great. I have to say I like that they picked up all the hair, there were maybe only two or three pieces of hair that missed and I just laid it over those pieces and they picked them up. I have a thing, and while Im not sure how easy this would be to make detailed cuts like on their feet, I had already finished his feet before I got this so they didnt need finishing, but Ill have to try it out afterwards. I have to say, although the noise this makes is not very loud, my little boy has anxiety so I think he is more scared than most and my other girl is a little older and her hearing is not as good. I first tried using the shedding only quick clippers just to see how well they work and it did remove some fur from the little penguins undercoat but not a lot and not close to the amount he really sheds which was a bit disappointing..The medium speed is a lot louder than the slowest speed, and the high speed is only a little bit louder than the medium speed. The suction power is pretty good. The low setting didnt seem to be enough for my dog, but I never needed to go to the high setting. After about 20 minutes of continuous use, the body was warm but not hot to the touch. Overall, Im very happy with it, I will definitely use it often, and I do recommend it.

It does have a primer rake, which makes

It does have a primer rake, which makes it easy to clean with the push of a button. I like that it has an attachment holder. A lot of home groomers dont do this. Please dont use it on wet pets. This is a great product for German Shepherd owners, by the. A nightly groom will keep your floors clean. This is a very good home grooming tool. I do recommend this product as it is a great tool to keep shedding to a minimum.You can use them separately like regular scissors. You can also attach them to the vacuum for automatic cleanup. A set of 5 guide combs are provided which are a nice touch. The brushes do a good job of removing shedding from your pets fur. The other tools are also handy for cleaning carpets and upholstery. It comes with 5 different grooming and cleaning attachments. The vacuum has decent power and the bagless dustbin is easy to empty. It has 3 suction levels to suit your needs. The attachments are versatile and handy. You get a pair of scissors with guide combs, brushes, and cleaning tools. A storage board base is also included to keep things organized together. The clippers are rechargeable and detachable from the attachments.

Well, this vacuum actually allows me to

Well, this vacuum actually allows me to groom my dogs indoors. It contains nearly all of the hair, so I dont end up with hair floating and flying around, and for my semiallergic roommate, it also keeps dander from spraying everywhere. Its easy to use, and you just retract the deshedding tool after a few times so the hair is properly sucked into the device.One of the reasons I love this grooming kit is the 2in1 design. The vacuum and grooming tools work together to remove loose hair and dirt from your pets fur, making the process quick and easy. Plus, it helps reduce the amount of hair on your floors and furniture. Overall, I highly recommend the Dog Grooming Kit and Dog Hair Vacuum 2in1 to anyone whos looking for an efficient and effective to groom their pet. Its a great tool for reducing shedding, improving your pets coat health, and keeping your home clean and tidy. The tools are designed to handle all types of hair, from long and thick hair to short and fine hair, and theyre super easy to use. The grooming vacuum itself is powerful and efficient, making it easy to remove loose hair and dirt from your pets fur. Its also very quiet, which is great for pets that are easily startled by noise.