Dog Grooming Kit,Light Grey

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The container is a good size, but if it

The container is a good size, but if it was larger you might have to empty it more than once. No problem. I noticed that the shaver wasnt as sharp as other shavers, so I have to take a star off for that. The brush is large, so its not so easy to use on smaller pets like kittens or dogs.It is versatile and can be used for grooming your pet as well as regular spot and upholstery cleaning. I like that the clippers are detachable so you can do fine trimming without restriction. So far it has worked well. I would say give it a try if your pet is not easily frightened by vacuumingThe only minor issue I have with this vacuum is that, like most vacuums, it is a bit noisy and might scare your pet. If your pet tends to get nervous when you vacuum, this might not be the right vacuum for you. All in all, this is a decent pet grooming vacuum.

I really like the brush attachment. Grea

I really like the brush attachment. Great for this machine and its gentle on my dog. Dispenses hair from the can easily. I just think the hose is a little long but you cant beat theIts awesome, no dog hair flying around, and Im not covered in dog hair after Im done combing my longhaired Shepard.It has powerful suction and comes with many attachments. It makes limited noise and looks great for a vacuum cleaner.

But while Im at it I use this vacuum to

But while Im at it I use this vacuum to suck up all the loose fur. It works like a champ. Then I use the trimming attachment to do the actual trimming. I imagine the deshedding attachment would work great, I just chose not to use it because I was so used to the comb I used to have. This vacuum has changed the whole experience. I can actually trim him in the kitchen without making a mess. Before, I would have hair flying around for days afterwards. I love this thing Highly recommend. It has great suction and I dont find the noise level that bad.

I love how easily it sucks up my dogs ha

I love how easily it sucks up my dogs hair. I do wish the hair storage was a little bigger since I have a larger dogMy husband and I share our account. This is from myself, not my husband. When I got the machine it had minor damage to the handle. I didnt send it back because everything else looked fine and I wanted to groom my two fur granny dogs. The sound often scares them. This machine is super cool.If you dont have this, you should Used it for the first time yesterday on my 2 Goldendoodles and it was so easy to use and everything worked great

We have 2 dogs and this vacuum clipper i

We have 2 dogs and this vacuum clipper is the best No hair left on their bodies Love all the attachments that keep the dogs looking healthy and happyI use the pet grooming tool to help with hair removal for both of my dogs. My golden retriever sheds a lot so this tool is very helpful.Love how this product functions and there is no mess. We have a 6 month old 50 lb standard poodle and he behaves great. Just be aware that the more fur they have, the more times you will have to empty the jar. Love this and recommend 100