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Bought this grooming vacuum to groom my

Bought this grooming vacuum to groom my golden retriever. Much quieter than I thought it would be. My golden doesnt mind it at all. The brush glides easily without tearing the hair, and when hair builds up on the brush, the vacuum function sucks the hair into the canister at the push of a button The suction isnt very strong, but it does remove a little dandruff from the brushed fur. I also really like using the scissors to trim the pads of the feet. The suction pulls the hair up for easy trimming, and the fine hair disappears into the hose great featureThese two keep my vacuum running nonstop. As the shedding increases in the spring, it has become impossible to keep up. Not only does this remove an unimaginable amount of hair from my lab, but he loves it. My only complaint is the static, which makes it difficult to get the hair off the plastic and my hands. I have to vacuum it to get it off.So I like the deshedding attachment, and the brush and shaver. The kit also comes with a grinder as well as a grinder for nail care. I would give 5 if it was better constructed. This tool leaves much to be desired. It is great for small animals and I have tried it on my 2 medium to large canines as well as my teacup sized canine and ferret. Ferrets it works great fast and easy no problem. Each paw of my teacup dogs overheats every time.

We recently added 3 new animals to our f

We recently added 3 new animals to our fur family that need frequent grooming. They are very timid and hate loud noises. I had a mobile groomer come to the house once and she could barely trim their fur. I knew it wasnt a very expensive grooming vacuum so I bought it hoping for the best. It works great for all 5 of my dogs. It works best on the fine Yorkshire hair but does have a little trouble with the thick hair of my Poodle mix. This vacuum is great for full body trimming. I leave my dogs tails long and trim their faces with scissors. The vacuum helps pull the hair a from their bodies and since it cuts and sucks up the hair there is little to no mess. The vacuum is also very quiet so my dogs dont freak out as much as they normally would.Just received the machine. I really thought my dog wouldnt fuss about me using it on him. He was a little hesitant but I got him to sit any. Very easy to use, super quiet, I used the cleaning brush on the couch and it worked great My dog is short haired but sheds a lot, I used the deshedding tool and it was so refreshing to see all the loose hair removed. I love my new investment.This vacuum clipper works really well. I have a small dog and can now get a haircut done in about 2030 minutes depending on how cooperative my dog is. But he is pretty used to the sound and routine now. I use it on low to medium power and mostly with the clipper attachment with the guard. My groomer charged me 55 tip and I have clipped my dog five times since purchasing it so this machine has paid for itself. I wish the hair can was a little bigger because sometimes I have to stop in the middle of a haircut to empty it.

I dont know why I waited so long becaus

I dont know why I waited so long because this is the best thing ever The vacuum is super quiet It has perfect suction power, for example, I can trim my dogs thin, floppy ears with the lowest profile door open, and its very safe. The attachments dont whistle which is a big thing when grooming your dog. waited a while to write a after purchasing it because I wanted to be able to give a very honest. This product is effective in reducing the fur and dander that normally floats in the air when I groom my pets. We have 3 dogs.a beagle who she doesnt like and two longhaired dachshunds. One of the dachshunds is terrified of the pet vacuum and shakes all the time. The other dachshund will tolerate it, but not for long. My beagle will let me brush her with it for a while, which is great because she sheds daily like a small animal Ive noticed a big difference in the amount of furdirt I clean up each day when I stick to using it once a week. I would definitely recommend this to big shedderslike to use a vacuum when brushingdehairing. I have a wolf mix and it goes crazy when she blows her coat off and this has helped so far. Much better than using a regular dehair remover and having to stop every 2 seconds to clean the hair off the brush. I am not impressed at all with the clippers, however. I tried to use them to trim the hair on the bottoms of her feet and they did not do anything at all.

So overall this is a great product. I ha

So overall this is a great product. I have a German Shepherd and we all know his shed is crazy He enjoys being brushed and the noise doesnt bother him at all. I cant say this for all dogs but the sound is better than running a regular vacuum. I really like that it has three different speeds so if I do my pup she wont be frightened. I just wish the suction was a little better.Wish I had this years ago. I use this tool every day. My dogs coat has never looked better Its amazing how much dirt and hair is sucked into the vacuum. I will never be without this again and my friends immediately purchased it for their dogs and cats. The motor is low power enough that small animals wont react to it and I know the gentle suction must feel good. My daughters cats beg to be brushed with the same one. This tool makes your dog look like you spent 150.00 on a groomingWe have been using it for a few months now and ended up using it on two long haired dachshunds. It is so quick and easy and the clipper works better than our cordless dog clippers. Neither dog minded the quiet air sound and we had them both clipped in 30 minutes. No snipped dog hair everywhere or on the dogs. Easy to open and empty. It paid for itself in just one hair cut. Now that we know how easy it is, we will be trimming our hairy feet in between full treatments. Highly, highly recommend I would give it 10 if I could.

absolutely love this pet groomer. We hav

absolutely love this pet groomer. We have two dogs with completely different hair types and it works great for both dogs for different reasons. For our corgi we use the brushing tool and it works really well. We pretty much get a whole bucket of hair every time we groom him with this. Helps with hair removal On our cavapoo we use it to clip his hair and it works on different guards too. We are not experts by any means but this really works wonders. If you are considering buying this, buy it.started cutting my dogs hair during COVID. I usually cut it once in the spring and trim it a little in the summer. We let it grow out in the fall and winter. The worst part about cutting his hair at home is the clean up. I actually threw a the towel I put him in. Using this thing was so quick and easy. It took me a few minutes instead of hours. I still had to go back and shape it a little with the scissors but it was no big deal. Love this thing I want to invite all the dog owners in my neighborhood over so I can give their dogs a trim.super fun and easyThis is awesome My dog was a little skeptical at first, so I set it up near us, got out his normal brush, had him do the obligatory sniff test to make sure it was indeed his brush, and then started brushing him. My daughter got out some treats, had him get closer, and then I made a switch and he didnt even notice I was using the vacuum brush. Took 3 cans of fur off him between the grooming and insult attachments, then switched to the trimmer to take care of his weird toes while we worked. Great tool cant believe I waited so long to get one