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am very impressed with this product. The

am very impressed with this product. The gradually increasing suction power and the resulting noise level did not scare my mini Bernedo. The scissor attachment works very well and the other attachments are very sturdy. The jar is very easy to dump. My only complaint might be having to dump the jar 4 times while trimming my already shorthaired 43lb girl, but that is the of having a compact machine. It is recommended to oil the scissors frequently as mine did not come with oil in the package but it is definitely necessary to ensure the longevity of the product. Highly recommend this productOMG Why didnt this amazing system come into my life sooner My big black Doodle gets a shave every spring so the warm weather doesnt make him too uncomfortable. Ive been giving him haircuts myself the last few years and its been a mess This wonderful system is fairly quiet and runs like a dream. The only bad thing I can say is that I have to stop every so often to empty the collection cup, but Im happy to accept the small inconvenience of not having black dog hair everywhereThis was my first time grooming my 10 year old, Chloe Groomers have become so expensive and she lost her 16 year old brother a few months ago and has separation anxiety so I decided to try it myself instead of taking her to a spa so she wouldnt be a from me for 4 hours and I could save a little money. Definitely one of the best purchases. From the attached video she obviously didnt mind and I loved that I could do it wherever she was most comfortable It was so easy to use Her groomer was only 20 cheaper than the whole grooming kit so it was a winwin for everyone It has paid for itself several times over now Definitely recommend

Saves me tons of time and preserves fur

Saves me tons of time and preserves fur really well. The smoother brush alone makes this thing pretty awesome for me I also really like the clipper attachment I find that clippers can get stuck sometimes, but I kind of expect that when trying to clean the newf and remove some small mats. Overall, really happy with this thing. The comfort mode where the power gradually increases as the vacuum noise builds is a cool idea, but I found it to build up very slowly. My newf is pretty laid back so it wasnt a useful feature for me thats not a bad mark for a vacuum, it just means I cant weigh the feature down.My dog is very anxious. Groomers and car drivers are the worst. She also doesnt like loud noises. I was nervous about using this on her, but buying it was cheaper than a trip to the groomer. I tried it. She didnt mind it at all. Be sure to start with the comfort mode to let your dog get used to it. After that, go to the highest mode. Works great. Im very impressed.think this unit is really great. Its quiet, the attachments are easy to use, neither dogs nor cats are afraid of it, and its easy to clean up after use. The only thing I would suggest is a rotating brush because my cat spins in circles when I brush her and has to constantly change the position of the brush, and also a place on the storage tray for the scissors and cleaning brush. If it had those, I would give it a five star rating. Great product, I recommend it.

I am so excited about this. My grooming

I am so excited about this. My grooming costs for both dogs are almost 90 each not including tips. That totals to 230 per month. This is awesome for the cost It takes me about 10 minutes total to groom each one. My baby doesnt like clippers but the vacuum has a soft noise setting. Its super convenient and doesnt scratch their skin, which I love.This machine makes cutting my dogs hair so much easier. I love the design and it works great. All the hair is sucked into the jar so there is no mess and hair is not everywhere. It is very easy to empty. The clippers work great with different clips of different size lengths. Easy to attach and detach attachments. I love that it has extra attachments for cleaning pet hair off furniture, depilating and massaging for your pet. My dog had no issues with the low noise and it makes cutting hair so much easier. Great pet grooming tool.Pros Powerful suction that grabs fur Vacuum noise level is fairly low Included accessories are available Easy to use, clear instructions provided Waste cup is easy to empty and clean, doesnt require any padding Hose is a good length for combing and moves well Cons This is quite expensive, Ive seen nearly identical competitor models for slightly less, but other models may be of lower quality

My puppy is a huge mess She hasnt been g

My puppy is a huge mess She hasnt been groomed in months. I have tried to groom her on my own many times with terrible results. This machine is amazing at mess and hair control, I cut her hair easily myself and she looks really great. I bought a stand to hold her in place which helps a lot but the included scissors work better than any other scissors I have ever purchased. Highly recommendWish I had bought one of these years ago. The vacuum works really well, absolutely no hair outside of the canister. The vacuum clipper head at the port seems to gently pull the hair into the vibrating clippers, making the haircut look effortless. Very good quality. It actually costs less than my average single grooming session. Will not hesitate to buy another one when it wears out.Use this to groom our cattle dog.she sheds like crazy I bought this and she loves it and its so easy to shave her now. We dont shave her entire coat but I do use the guard height comb that comes with the razor for trimming and the amount of hair she sheds around the house now is amazing The vacuum seems to have plenty of suction and its not very loud. Our dog loves it and it really makes clean up so easy because the can just sheds off and you throw the hair in the trash. This really helps if you have a pet that sheds a lot and Im glad we got it.

We recently purchased a vacuum and groom

We recently purchased a vacuum and grooming kit for our beloved pet, and were really excited about it. Not only does it effectively clean our chairs and couches, but it also keeps our furry friend looking his best. The kit comes with a variety of attachments that make it easy to remove pet hair from furniture and upholstery, and the grooming tools help keep your pets coat shiny and healthy. Since using the kit, weve even received compliments on how great our dog looks Overall, we highly recommend this product to any pet owner whos looking for a reliable and effective solution for their cleaning and grooming needs.My dog Jett is a shedder. Hes like a heeler with some Aussie.thick, thick, thick hair. And wiry hair.He hates being brushed, he hates the noise thats made from it, and he hates being bathed afterwards. Jetts is 1010. Now, as someone who lives with him, Id give 45. It would be nice if it wasnt so loud so he wouldnt be scared. It does its job well, but the tank is too small for his fur. Then again, he has a lot of stuff, so.This Dog Grooming Vacuum Kit is a musthave and useful tool for all pet owners. It comes well and compactly packaged. Included in the box is the vacuum cleaner itself and 5 attachments. Included are attachments for daily, weekly, monthly, and occasional use. The vacuum cleaner worked as expected and left no mess behind. It made grooming much easier and less stressful for both of us. The vacuum cleaner is easy to use and lightweight. I am happy with the quality and functionality of this product and would definitely recommend it to others.