Shoe Storage Cabinet Rustic Brown

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I think it looks white in my photos so

I think it looks white in my photos, so I zoomed in on one to try to show the details, see the last photo, but its more of a distressed white oak, or offwhite with some grain. It still looks great, and doesnt really stand out in my home, as if it doesnt match the surroundings I would definitely purchase it again. But I thought I should point this out in case anyone is looking for that solid, true white.

Beautiful furniture that fits the space

Beautiful furniture that fits the space I wanted perfectly. It took my husband and I a minute to complete but it was all worth it. Highly recommendAmazing piece of furniture Took a while to build but worth it in the end. Great quality and have received many compliments already. Its beautiful and narrow, perfect for an entryway or small space.I really love the look of this shoe cabinet in the small space I have in my house. Now my husband wants one too

The instructions are terrible and somet

The instructions are terrible and sometimes youre really trying to decode what exactly to do. The part that really annoyed me was that the inserts wouldnt sit flush with the grooves when pressed in. So we used a hammer with a cloth on the end to gently tap them into place and lo and behold it dented on the outside of the frame.

Luckily part of the frame faces the wall

Luckily part of the frame faces the wall so no one will see it but it was still annoying. Overall Im still pretty happy with it because of how many pairs of shoes it fits. I wear a size 8 and my husband wears a size 13 just for reference so you can see all the shoes it fits. I also like that it looks nice. The material isnt the best and Im not sure how long it will hold up but given the I was willing to give it a try.

Not as deep as I would have liked some

Not as deep as I would have liked, some of my shoes were too long to fit straight down and had to be put to the side. The split shelves are great for soft shoesNot bad. I can fit a lot of flat sandals in there. Sneakers are harder to fit. Forget about boots or hubbys shoes. It goes behind my closet door, otherwise it would be a waste of space.Great way to store shoes. Very sturdy and can hold a lot of shoes. Adjustable dividers, suitable for different types of shoes, but not all high heels and boots will fit. Affordable, worth buying.